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Rules and Regulations

Age Divisions

Age as of December 31st, 2023 

Average ages rounded down

Mini: 8 and Under

Junior: 9 to 11 years

Intermediate: 12 to 14 years

Senior: 15 to 19 years

Aspire: any age

Time Limits

Solo’s – 2.5 minutes

Duet/Trio – 2.5 minutes

Group (4 – 9 dancers) – 3 minutes

Line (10 – 16 dancers) – 3 minutes

Extended Line (17 + dancers) – 4 minutes

Production (15 + dancers) – 10 minutes max



Solo – A dancer who has never competed in a solo before

Duet – 100% of dancers who have never competed in a solo, duet or trio before

Group – 75% of dancers have never competed before


Dancers who train less than 6 hours per week

High School

Dancers who are currently enrolled in high school and participate in a school based dance program

***Separate overall awards for each category***

Dance Categories

Acro; A routine that consists of primarily acrobatic technique; gymnastics and tumbling, while incorporating dance technique and choreography. Gymnastics tricks where the hips go over the head a number of times are permitted.

Ballet; A routine that contains classical Ballet technique and style. (Ballet shoes must be worn)

Contemporary/Modern; A routine that combines jazz, modern and ballet technique, but with sharper, more emotional, intensive movements than lyrical. (only three acro tricks permitted)

Demi Character; A routine that contains ballet technique while acting out a story line. (Ballet shoes must be worn)

Hip Hop/Commercial Jazz; A routine that is street-style based. Routine may include popping, locking, break dance, krumping, funk, hip hop or street styles.

Jazz; A routine that contains jazz technique and style. (only three acro tricks permitted)

Lyrical; A routine the combines jazz, modern and ballet technique while telling a story through movement and music. (only three acro tricks permitted)

Musical Theatre; A routine containing any style of dance while telling a story throughout the entire dance, with or without lip-singing.

Open; A routine that does not fit into any other dance discipline, or combines two or more styles. (maximum five acro tricks are permitted).

Pointe; A routine containing classical ballet technique on Pointe.

Production; A routine that tells a story throughout the dance. Any style of dance and/or acro tricks permitted.

Song and Dance; A routine where the performer sings while dancing. Any dance style is allowed. No pre-recorded vocals permitted. Wireless mics may be used and must be provided by your own studio.

Tap; A routine containing tap and rhythm technique and sounds. (No pre-recorded sounds)

General Rules

Aspire Dance Challenge has the right to add, remove or cancel as required. If cancellation happens before competition begins, all registration fees will be refunded.

Decisions of adjudicators are final and cannot be appealed.

Absolutely no photos or videos are to be taken during the competition. Anyone doing so will result in your dance being disqualified.

Professional videos and photos will be available for purchase.

Aspire Dance Challenge is a family friendly competition. All dance numbers must be family friendly, in costume, content and song lyrics.

Failure to comply will result in point deductions or dance being disqualified.

Any dance exceeding the time limit will have a .5 point deduction for every 5 seconds over

Any Pre-Competitive Dancer who leaves the stage during their performance, at their own accord, will be permitted to dance again but without adjudication. Any Novice, High School and Aspire Dancers who leaves the stage during their performance, at their own accord, will be permitted to dance again with adjudication.

All dancers, teachers, guardians and guest are expected to display good sportsmanship and to be respectful of all other dancers, teachers, staff and guests.

Dancers are expected to be in costume and ready to perform 30 minutes prior to their assigned dance time.

Only dancers and teachers are allowed backstage

Dancers may not compete against themselves in the same dance category. Dancers may move up a division if they are participating in the same dance category.

All dancers, teachers, studios, guardians and guest understand that there is a risk with competitive dancing. No dancers, teachers, studio, guest, parents and/or guardians shall hold Aspire Dance Challenge responsible for any injury or illness sustained while attending Aspire Dance Challenge dance competition or workshop.

All dancers, teachers, parents, guardians and guest permit Aspire Dance Challenge to use any video or photos taken during the competition for publicity use.

All rules subject to change

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