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Welcome to Aspire!

Saturday April 6th to Sunday April 7th, 2019, Georgian Theatre, Barrie, Ontario

We are very excited to invite you to a NEW Small Studio Competition and Workshop experience, for Novice and Recreational Pre Competitive dancers ONLY! Aspire Dance Challenge will be held at the Georgian Theatre in Barrie, Ontario on Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th, 2019.  

With over 30 years of competition experience, we believe that dancers who train less than five hours per week deserve their own event. At many competitions, there are often so few entries, dancers are only ever competing against themselves. We are offering Novice and Recreational Pre-Competitive dancers, a competition where they will receive a positive, supportive experience, will receive appropriate adjudication and have fun doing what they love to do – dance!

At Aspire we believe that dancers build important skills in a workshop environment, ones that aren’t possible through performing in a competition. For this reason, dancers competing in our event will be required to participate in the workshops on Sunday.